Dinner For Breakfast

I don’t know about you, but I wake up hungry in the morning. And I really am not a big breakfast person. Sure, eggs and toast are fine, even enjoyable. But my palatte usually craves something more substantial and more savory than a sweet roll and coffee. And have you read the ingredients list on the side of most breakfast cereals and frozen waffles? No thanks!

My favorite is to have leftovers from the night before – reheated is best, and doesn’t take long to cook. The flavors have had overnight to fully develop. Yesterday I had rigatoni alfredo, though admittedly the sauce separated at bit when reheated – but the taste was the same… And then, last night’s salmon served-with was a bit dry. Ok, well, sometimes leftovers are not as good the next day.

Which gives me an idea — Why not make dinner food for breakfast more of a regular thing? For health reasons, breakfast is supposed to be the biggest meal of the day, anyway, and dinner light. So why not switch out breakfast and dinner? What a great way to add more vegetables to your daily menu, as well! But mornings are rushed. Need something quick and easy.

I think a casserole would be a nice idea. Could be prepared in advance, when you have more time, and then reheated like quiche. I will work on a few recipes and keep you posted. Any ideas or great breakfast (dinner) casserole recipes? please let me know. Aloha!

UPDATE: Here is one idea from my friend Ann Marie (Cheese Slave) – Egg, Bacon. Cheese Muffins Made with Coconut Flour.

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