Tsunami Tri-Tip & Tangy Garlic Bread

Photo by Karl Meinhardt, (c) 2010, South Seas Photography.

Recently, some friends invited us over for a casual supper. We were greeted by the warm ambiance of Karl & Gina’s¬†tropical home, near Kailua Beach. We started with light pupus, including cheese and fruit, as well as having some of my favorite Smoked Ahi Spread.

Karl and [...]

Herbed Garlic-Horseradish Crusted Prime Rib

This year we spent Christmas on Oahu. Just had a small gathering with a few of our friends and neighbors.  We missed our extended family, but it was still one of the best Christmas seasons ever. People in Hawaii are suprisingly festive, despite a lack of cold weather, and there are many events for the [...]

For The Love of Beef

I went through a phase where I rarely ate red meat. Like all things good, beef has been shunned as unhealthy from time to time. I think now that beef is experiencing a rennaissance of sorts. People are remembering how deliciously juicy, savory and satisfying a steak can be. And lean cuts, in particular, can [...]