Organic Farming at Olomana Gardens

Last Saturday afternoon we went in search of island-fresh eggs. I was inspired by Ann Marie’s Cheese Slave Blog singing the praises of Pastured Eggs. The closest source I could find for fresh eggs was a place in nearby Waimanalo, Olomana Gardens. It was too much of a coincidence that this farm had been recommended to me twice in one month, for two very different reasons, so I had to make a visit.

After taking a long windey road toward the Ko’olaus we turned left at the Red Tractor to our destination. Passing a lot of junky looking apparatus and nearing some buildings, we finally parked. This is a place to wear lots of clothes, or bug repellant, if you use that sort of thing. Mosquitos were everywhere!

Olomana Gardens WaimanaloOlomana Gardens is owned by Glenn Martinez, a friendly and eclectic sort of fellow, who seems to be as fond of his toys (motorcycles, boats, etc.) as he is of his farm and animals. He is a Member of the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association and, according to his website:

“Olomana Gardens is dedicated to serving the local community as an informal, old-style, Hawaiian, tropical garden that is a model for modern, sustainable agriculture. [They] have a diverse population of two horses, a hundred plus birds (chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese), goats, a rabbit, and thousands upon thousands of composting worms which turn organic waste & manures into natural fertilizer. [They] have natural, spring-fed koi and aquaculture ponds which are also home to bull frogs and turtles. [They] grow organic fruit and vegetables and offer for sale natural chicken and duck eggs, selected exotic chicken pets, composting and tiller worms, worm compost, selected organic plants and produce, and organic pallet gardens for delivery (the all-in-one pallet gardens are perfect for budding farmers with limited space or those who want only organic produce). Agriculture workshops and school tours featuring our agricultural activities are a regular feature. ”

Olomana Gardens, Waimanalo, HawaiiSo we let the kids run around the gardens like wild maniacs for a while, while conversing with Glenn, and then picked up several dozen eggs at $6 a dozen. Not bad. He told us that they have fresh organic produce and it sells out completely, daily. I plan to head over there early in the morning next time. I am also particularly interested in the POGs or Pallet Organic Gardens. These are a raised bed mini-farm that they will deliver to your home for residential organic food production. Cool, so long as I could remember to keep it watered!

Olomana Gardens. 41-1140 Waikupanaha St., Waimanalo, HI 808-259-5223.

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