A Gas Shortage

This last week has been a challenge. A gas pipe broke in my garage and, as result, we have been without gas for about 5 days now. Needless to say, this is an inconvenience — having no hot water, oven, stove or clothes dryer.

Cold showers have been a bear. And I had to temporarily give up my Bialetti, stove-top espresso maker. But the microwave is now my friend. Did you know they actually sell instant 100% Kona Coffee? It is pretty good in a pinch. The one I found is made by Honolulu-based Mulvadi. It’s products are distributed in Hawaii, California and Nevada and internationally, right now, and are available online. Just microwave the water and add a few teaspoons – not too shabby for instant. Of course, the French Press (with microwaved water) and regular coffee maker were also available, and are a bit better options.

The food bar at Whole Foods Market has also become a new favorite this week, as the brand new Kahala location of the mainland grocer is very near my office. They make some fabulous hummus — extra garlicky, and great Indian food, as well. I dare say, this store has the largest food and salad bar I have even seen in a grocery store, and is a little more healthy than the usual take-out.

With no gas in the house, I even pulled out the outdoor gas grill, which had gone unused since my husband was deployed in September. Grilling has been his domain since we were married, but I guess, it is time I reinstated the grill into my own repetoire. After all, Neil still has 9 more months in Iraq.

So, with the grill, dinner tonight will actually be a little better tonight that I had previously imagined — grilled Natural Filet Mignon, Microwave Steamed Baby Haricot-Verts With Melted Mutter and Sliced Almonds, Grilled Garlic Toast and Strawberries stuffed with Double-Creme Cheese for dessert. Yum, even my 4 year old will eat this!

The lack of gas has been inconvenient, but had also forced me to try a few new things and break out of my weekday routine. I was able to recover some some under-utilized cooking skills and ideas, and to rediscover new uses for a much maligned, but still very useful, convenient and time-saving cooking tool – the microwave!

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